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Exotics Limited Inc.. 3052131318

2012 Nissan GT-R

Price : $98,950
2012 Nissan GT-R Black Series Alpha 9+ Built Motor and Transmission
Black / Black
20,182 Miles / VIN: JN1AR5EF9CM250924
2012 Nissan GT-R

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2012 Nissan GT-R

Black / Black 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Series Alpha 9+ Built Motor and Transmission VIN: JN1AR5EF9CM250924
Coupe, 2 Doors, All Wheel Drive, 3.8L 530.0hp, 6 Cylinders, Manual Transmission Stock: 250924
City MPG Hwy MPG
16.0 23.0
Actual mileage may vary

Vehicle Description

Up for sale is the Infamous Duck Hunt GTR. Not to be confused with anything Deadmau5 related due to the same color scheme. My cars are better and faster then all of his, however his DJ skills are far better than mine so touche to him! 

Here are just some of the links to the car across various news sites including Buzzfeed's #1 Car on GoldRush Rally






Ive had several GTR's always buying and selling stuff as I get bored easily. Surprisingly enough I have yet to be bored of my fiance and she loves GTR's more then she loves me so anytime I end up selling one GTR I end up buying another one. I have not done anything bad in a while as I am either too busy to get into trouble or too old to get as drunk as I like too which results in me getting in trouble. So to spice up my life a bit I have decided to put the duckhunt car, which my Fiance thinks is her car up for sale. I cant wait until she reads this! 


We took the car on GoldRush Rally. Now I know that makes people who have no clue what they are talking about scared of a car because they think it was abused and now broken because its a rally and people get wild driving from one end of the country to another as fast as possible. Also since it was driven by a girl so it must be really messed up! I have always said a car that completes a rally is a stand up perfect machine. Anything that can and will break does and guess what? When stuff brakes if your not a cheap fawk head you fix it, usually with better stuff. For instance the only problem we had with the Duckhunt car is the stock FWD unit started to go out. When we completed the Rally I sent the stock FWD unit to Shep to get a full upgrade to the Dodson FWD unit and clutches. I could have replaced it with the stock unit again but due to the power level the FWD unit would likely have problems again. I opted to go with the more expensive route and fix it the right way so I would never have an issue with it again. Could have easily fixed it with the cheaper stock unit. I could have even easier driven the car as is but I opted to fix it the best way possibly. This car is mechanically and physically perfect. 


The cars paint was flawless when I got it so I decided rather then have it be full of dings and dents  when I got back from the rally it should be covered in ducks and dogs to protect the paint. The wrap was done at RDB and is a tiffany / sky blue with duck and dog stickers over it. You can take the duck hunt theme off the car and easily retain the awesome blue color. The car gets an insane amount of attention everywhere you go and it makes my fiance bat shit crazy, because of that I told her the ducks stay on! 


If you buy the car you can remove the ducks, you can even remove the blue. In fact you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT to the car once you buy it. That being said if your thinking about buying it I am not going to remove the wrap so you can see how it looks. Go to google images and type in GTR, you will see a ton of them. Ive sold many cars with wraps because I am an odd character and like my cars to reflect that. I cant tell you how many times someone has asked me to remove the wrap so they could verify the paint underneath it BEFORE they buy it. 


Here is a typical conversation from a "buyer" "Will I take the wrap off for you to look at the car before you pay for the car? Absolutely not! Why wont I take the wrap off before you buy it so you can look at it? It must be because the paint under it is messed up, that has to be it, it must be it! No I like the ducks, I like the blue! I dont like plain black so while its my car its going to stay the way it is. If I take the wrap off and you decide you dont want the car then I will be stuck with a car color I do not want and I will be forced to spend another few thousand dollars in wrapping the car again" If I were to unwrap the car just so you could look at it and then you decided you did not want it im sure the ad for it when it went back up for sale would be written by my fiance "This is my crazy ass boyfriends Car, he is currently in jail for killing someone who said they were going to purchase the car and had him take off the wrap and then flaked out of the sale. He is now in need of legal bills to help him plead insanity for having to deal with tire kickers who ran him around for weeks on a sale they did not follow though with for absolutely no reason. Please help him with his legal fees and buy this car. Also if you are wealthy enough to afford the car I am currently looking for a new boyfriend to help me live the lifestyle I am accustomed too." 


With the above said I can guarantee you on any document you would like to send me to sign that the paint underneath thewrap is in amazing condition without dings, dents, scratches, blemishes, nicks, Incisions, indentations, craters, cavities, dips, dimples, furrows, hollows, impressions, notches, pits, scallops, lacerations, gashes, scrapes, imperfections, inclusions, grindage, patina, contusions, bruises claw marks (human and animal)"  


As I said before my Fiance loves this car, she may not get out of the drivers seat when your transport company picks it up. I can not make any guarantees but when purchasing this car you may have also acquired a very good looking, large fake boobed blonde girl who has a large sexual appetite. I hope the love of my life does not become the love of your life after you purchase the car but it could happen. This is a risk I am willing to take because I would like to sell the car. 


Now please reread the sentence above. Read it one more time. I would LIKE to sell this car. I dont NEED to sell this car. If you make me a ridiculous offer it will not only be a waste of your time which means absolutely nothing to me and clearly nothing to yourself but it will waste my time. I hold my time to be very valuable. My time is even more valuable given the fact I might not have much time left with my fiance after selling the car so I need to make as much of it count as I possibly can. You are not going to steal this car from me, I would rather crash it into one of my other cars for a youtube video then sell it for less then its worth. 


I was in the car business for seven years before I got smart and figured out a profession that did not make me want to kill myself. I can help you get financed. I have friends that will finance people with ZERO CREDIT and BAD CREDIT but you have to put half down and pay interest out the ass. There are no exceptions to that rule HALF DOWN BIG INTEREST. If you are okay with both I can point you in the direction of the guy who will finance you. If you have good credit I can point you in a direction of someone who can help you get into the car at a good rate. Do you have a trade for me? Sure I will take it but you wont be happy with the number I will give you for it. Do you want to trade me land? Sell it yourself and give me cash because in the seven years I have been in the car business and hundreds of land deals I have been offered none of them made sense for the sole reason of IF YOU CANT SELL IT HOW THE HELL CAN I SELL IT? Do you want to trade me your boat?  Burn it down and then send me your insurance check, thats the only way ill take it in trade.  Lastly No Animals even if they are cool like a Cheetah or a Lion. I have two horses, a chihuahua and a french bulldog. I would sell all of them except the chihuahua but my fiance would leave me for sure. That being said if you would like to buy the horses, the GTR and the frenchy I could thrown in the blonde for free! 


Last but not least SHIPPING. I can help you ship this car ANYWHERE in the world. I got rid of was monster truck and it went to Mongolia. Ive shipped a maybach to italy, an SLR to germany, and several cars to mexico. I am happy to help anyone get this car to their destination unless its in CANADA. If you are in Canada or your even in the US and happen to be of Canadian decent please refer back to me asking not to waste my time. As I said before I was in the car business for seven years. In those seven years every deal I have ever done with a Canadian has been a Nightmare. You know you guys are impossible so find another GTR this one is not for you. I hope Drake does not read this because I honestly dont want my career to be ruined like he did Meek Mill. Im hoping the fact im jewish and we are both members of the same tribe "Jewish guys who are not gangster but sometimes front like we do gangster shit" far outweighs my animosity for Canadians 


Now lets get to the good stuff................ DETAILS ABOUT THE CAR! 

I have $70,000 In Receipts for this cars entire build and all its maintenance history. This is a well built and cared for car! 

The car has been fully built, engine, transmission, and turbos at Socal Cobb and SP Engineering for the transmission, both professional AMS Authorized dealers. 
First Cobb Tune in September 20, 2013

  • 903WHP 787WTQ E85 28psi
  • 727WHP 619WTQ 91OCT 20psi

Recently added flex fuel kit and got it retuned 7/23/14 new dyno pulls are:

  • 884WHP 827WTQ E85 28psi
  • 703WHP 703WTQ 91OCT 20psi

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